The answers to the questions asked most often about his everyday life and his roles in films. Also, if you want to read about Philip the Horse, this is where to go.
Prince Caspian
Wednesday, 04/30/2008


When did filming end?

1 September 2007 and I went back to school three days later.


How did the new members of the cast fit in?

Fine. The more the merrier - we became friends from day 1. It was great because we could draw from their experience.


How much training did you do for the sword fighting?

I worked with Allan Poppleton, the Stunt Coordinator and his very experienced team throughout the shoot improving skills I had started learning on The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. It was all swordwork and no excercise regime and practice was intense just bfore shooting the scenes.


Are the swords you use for the 'war' real?

Sometimes they are and other times they aren't.


Did you get to keep the sword you used?



What was the most alarming stunt?

The most alarming scene was when I go down the roof and kick a Telmarine. I literally had to slide down the roof of the tower they had constructed inside a studio in Prague and by some miracle they allowed me to hold the camera for the point point of view shot as I went down. I did it three times and everyone was happy!


Tell us about your scene in the rowing boat at the beginning of the film.

It was on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand and was the most beautiful location we went to. The colour of the water was amazing as the riverbed was of greenstone. It was very secluded and we reached it by helicopter. We filmed it really quickly.


What about the scene when you were dropped on the tower by the griffin?

It was a night shoot. I had to wear a harness and was strung up about fifty feet above ground and about fifty feet from the tower. A pulley mechanism operated by some men on the ground pulled me towards the tower where I had to land at some speed.


The challenge scene: you were in the Ferrari film with Sergio and Pierfrancesco - how was it to be with them again?

It was great fun as it was one of my biggest scens. I watched everything very carefully and tried to learn from their vast experience as actors.


How did you feel about finishing off The White Witch?

Good. In the trailer they made it look as if it was Susan but it was me!


What was it like working with CGI (Computer Generated Images)?

I didn't have much to do with CGI as there are many more humans in the film and we were on location a lot more.


What did you enjoy most in New Zealand?

Being with all the friends I had made on the first film and Bungy Jumping and all the other extreme sports I indulged in with William. On the last day of filming in Auckland we rushed to jump off the Sky Tower as we were leaving New Zealand the next day.


 Is New Zealand as beautiful as it appears on screen?

Even more so.