The answers to the questions asked most often about his everyday life and his roles in films. Also, if you want to read about Philip the Horse, this is where to go.
Edmund Interviews Philip the Horse about Prince Caspian
Wednesday, 11/05/2008


1.     How about that part in Prince Caspian that you were hoping for?

Yeah, it didn't work out like I had planned. I was really excited about the
possibility. I had spent hours working on my Spanish accent, but it just
didn't pan out. I was pretty depressed there for a while, but I feel much
better now. It really came down to a Visa issue more than anything.
Transporting me from New Zealand to Prague would have put a lot of strain on
the production staff and apparently they had a great Spanish horse trainer
right there in Europe. (Sigh....) It's ok though really. I'm working really
hard here on commercials and print ads. I keep busy.

2.     Assuming you have seen the film, what did you think? If you haven¹t
seen the film, why not?

I got to see a great deal of the film until that pesky old theatre manager
found me and kicked me out. Is it my fault they don't have as many drive-ins
as they used to? Anyway, the parts I did get to see were very exciting. I
was particularly impressed with some of the stunt riding that William
Moseley did in that castle raid scene. How he ran alongside his steed and
did the leap up onto him? After watching that, I was inspired to try a few
tricks myself with one of the handlers here at the ranch. Needless to say,
it didn't go so well. But the doctors say he should be able to walk again
after a few months of therapy... so all is well.

3.     What did you think of Reepicheep ?

I have mixed feelings about that whole Reepicheep character. I mean, he was
a good actor, sure. And you can't deny that he's solidified his mice fan
base all across the globe. But, I think he and his fans have taken it a
little too far. Before the movie came out, the mice did what they were
supposed to do -  run when they see you, scatter, hide... Well now when I
come into my stall to bed down for the night, they don't even move. They
just sit there with their playing cards and junk food! It's crazy, I
literally have to ask them to leave my space so I can get my beauty rest. I
try my best to be diplomatic, but how much insolence can one horse take? Oh,
and get this, they claim there's a revolution coming. A mice re-awakening.

4.     And those Griffins? It was a blast riding my griffin. I bet you
wished you had wings!

Wings? Um, no. That's so 1200 BC.

5.     We hear there are lots of films being made in New Zealand at the
moment. Any approaches?

Like I said, I keep busy. There are a few projects I've been asked to do,
but I'm not at liberty to say at this time. (Contractural stuff.) I will say
that in my spare time I've been getting into teaching. I think it's
important for up and coming talent to train properly for on-camera work. I
have a class of about 15 foals who are just starting to come into their own.
I have great hope for them. We're all holding out for a western, but that
looks unlikely here in New Zealand. Hooves crossed.

6.     Are you going to have a go at a part in Voyage of The Dawn Treader?

Well, wouldn't that be fantastic? As I've mentioned before in previous
interviews, I am quite a fabulous swimmer. I hear Dawn Treader takes place
mostly on a boat, but maybe they'll have a few seahorses that I can audition
for? I'm ok with wearing prosthetic make-up if I have to, and I can
manipulate my spine in several unique ways.

7.     Know any good seahorses for the film?

We're not allowed to officially communicate with that branch of our breed,
but I personally don't have anything against them. I feel it's only fair to
warn you though, I've heard they're quite temperamental, often late and have
their own ‘agendas’.  I'm not trying to say anything bad about them, but
they don't have nearly the experience we 4-leggeds have. I mean, when is the
last time you saw a seahorse in a movie? Mr. Limpet? (heee hawww)

8.     Still into carrots? Just asking as I am hoping to visit you one day and look forward to a great reunion meal.

Carrot cake, Carrot soup, Carrot juice.. whatever and wherever to have a
reunion with you. I hope you've got your saddle legs, because we've got a
lot of stunt work to try!