The answers to the questions asked most often about his everyday life and his roles in films. Also, if you want to read about Philip the Horse, this is where to go.
The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
Wednesday, 11/30/2005


Were you surprised when you got the part of Edmund?

Yeah, I hadn't been through a really long auditioning process and was really self-critical so I didn't know what to expect.


How was it work with Andrew Adamson and Tilda Swinton?

Cool, they are both great people.


Can you ride a horse and did you have a hard time riding in the film?

They trained me before the filming so now I can ride a horse and no, the riding was great fun and the most memorable.


What was your favourite scene?

Horse-riding through the rocks at Aslan's camp which was filmed near Omarou in the South Island of New Zealand.


What was the hardest scene for you to film?

Some of the really deep emotional scenes for obvious reasons.


What is Turkish Delight and did you have to eat lots of it during the filming?

Turkish delight is an eastern jelly sweet and I had to eat giant pieces take after take!


Who was your favourite character?



 Did you celebrate your birthday on set?

Yes. They organized a bowling party and the most delicious chocolate cake and lots of people came.


Did the filming ever get dull?

Sometimes when you are waiting around for days on end and only doing one small thing a day and mostly school work.


Did it hurt when you were tied and gagged at the tree in the White Witch's camp?

Yes because the gag was so tight and I had red marks all over my face for the next day.


Did they have to make the armour lighter so you could move around it?

Well my movement was restricted anyway because of the layers.


What is it like knowing Aslan personally?